Please help Mario to build a better future

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My Name is Mario I am going in my last year in Medicine here in Nigeria. I am a good guy with big dreams.  I was born and raise in Nigeria in Port Harcourt to be exact. This is the story of my country.

Due to the bad lives in our country Nigeria, the government and unemployment, which forcefully made some youths to engage into cyber crimes for survival. This fund raising, will help to start up things, enrolling some who want to further there education in the University, some who wants to start up trading also as capital. The aim is to engage these youths, and this is the only medium to help them. 

I am one of those young ones who at some point had to be involve in minor cyber crimes, due to the fact that I did not have a way to make mens meat.  I am the oldest in my family. My father works really hard in the the market. He sales meat for our community however he works really hard , I help him in the Market but we earn very little. 

One thing you need to know about me is whenever i am free I like to train and play soccer, I am a very good soccer player if i only got the possibility to go to  soccer camp, but truly I cannot afford it. I now studying is very important for career advancement in life so I am also doing a lot of sacrifices to pay for my education. The little money I raise is to pay may school classes cause education is the one thing i believe can open new doors to me in the future away from Nigeria.

I decided to do this fundraising with two purposes and goals , one will be to raise capital to continue my studies and that of everyone in my locality who dropped out of school because of finance issues. Secondly help those whom lost hope in my locality to start up petty businesses, at the same time per chance attend a soccer camp so I can be seen by a football scout and get me in one of the clubs in Europe. I am super talented at soccer I play much better than big league soccer players, if i can only have the opportunity to be scouted.  Another part of the funds will help me jumpstart a non profit focusing primary in raising funds for young talented individuals here who want to study in school or study some technical courses but cannot afford to pay for this.

Please hear the cry of humanity, they are becoming wide day after day just to feed the stomach.. Help in any way you can…thanks 

May God Bless you !