"Everyone who has the possibilities should be committed to helping the less fortunate.

" Carol Fletcher"


I am a proud supporter of Asociacion de las Bienaventuransas 


We are a work of love that was born in the heart of God and was founded by Father Omar Sánchez Portillo. The ADLB works in the Tablada de Lurín in the district of Villa María del Triunfo in Lima and since May 2016 in Cusco and serves as a place of welcome to those who have nothing, who else they need, to those who feel abandoned and alone. It is a home where we welcome the "poorest of the poor" - as Mother Teresa of Calcutta taught us - permanently or temporarily, giving them the quality of life and all the affection and love of Jesus. We currently have 170 children, adolescents, young people, adults and seniors who have been declared abandoned or in the process of protective investigation with physical, psychiatric and / or special education needs.