About me

My name is Carol Fletcher. I am first and foremost a creative, self-starter, visionary and entrepreneur as well as marketing business consultant.

During my professional life, I have acquired experience in sales, marketing and business developing both as an entrepreneur and business consultant. Visionary entrepreneur focused on the advancement of business opportunities.

Part of my highlight as an entrepreneur includes successful launch of personal ventures such as 5once (Catering and Events Company) Easy fruit ( Fruit Pulp Brand) Pesca y Pasta ( Food Operated Business) as well as business consultant for business .in various industries in different countries 

I am thankful because having been raised in in Peru, Mexico and USA makes me a global thinker 

I am convinced the keys to achieve personal and professional success relies on being grateful, having discipline, working with passion and love in order to reach our goals. We will always encounter obstacles, but life is about learning from them, be persistent and never give up. 

Outside the office space, I embrace a healthy lifestyle (working out, eating healthy and enjoying outdoor activities). Other hobbies I take great pleasure is traveling, cooking, listening to music, reading anything of my interest and dancing.

Thank you for visiting my page.

Blessings to you and your family stay safe



          Personal Proyects

Easyfruit / fruit puree

5once /catering and events 

Pesca y Pasta/ Gourmet market



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